Underwriting Solutions LP serves small insurance brokers in an accessible and user-friendly way. We are an Alberta-based wholesale insurance organization with a breadth of knowledge and experience across various classes of business. Underwriting Solutions LP gives insurance brokers the support and resources to be able to write or quote unique risks, while also providing smaller insurance brokers with access to limits needed to offer the best solution to their clients.

With excellent quote turnaround, an outstanding reputation, a core of loyal brokers and an established book of business, Underwriting Solutions LP is well positioned. Its innovative and effective outlook is currently driving new product lines and an expansion of the core business to better meet brokers needs. Check out our products and watch for continual new releases!

Vision Statement

Underwriting Solutions LP is a leader within the Canadian wholesale insurance practice. Leveraging both domestic and foreign markets allows Underwriting Solutions LP to provide innovative and creative solutions for brokers to address unique risks.

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