Course of Construction Risk Coverage

Underwriting Solutions LP is a top competitor on Course of Construction risk coverage and other specialty lines providing limits up to $10,000,000 of all risk coverage to help insurance brokers meet and exceed typical client requirements. There are also optional coverage available (i.e. transit, other location) to customize the policy. As with all Underwriting Solutions LP offerings, competitive rates and quick turnaround are standard. Watch for capacity increases in the second quarter up to an additional $10,000,000.

Underwriting Solutions LP can quote all Course of Construction risks:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highlights of this program?

Who has the pen for this coverage?
Underwriting Solutions LP has the pen and underwriting authority. This helps facilitate same day quoting should adequate information be available.

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For a quote, please complete the Builder's Risk application and submit it to us via fax (403.693.3784) or by e-mail to or