Commercial General Liability for Oil & Gas Consultants

Underwriting Solutions LP offers competitive insurance quotes on commercial general liability insurance for oil & gas, both within Canada and overseas. By presenting innovative and effective processes Underwriting Solutions LP is able to meet and exceed the needs of clients and brokers.

Who are Oil & Gas Consultants?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for a quote?
The turnaround time is one (1) day if risk falls within the established program. Should a referral be needed, it could take a little longer.

What is the base price?
The base price starts at $900, the coverage includes $5,000 on tools and a minimum $2 million CGL limit (maximum $5 million).

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For a quote, please complete the Oil & Gas Consultants application and submit it to us via fax (403.693.3784) or by e-mail to or