Insurance Coverage for Rented Dwellings and Shared Accommodations

Underwriting Solutions LP offers fast quote turnaround and resolutions tailored to the insurance brokers’ needs within the housing industry. Typically, the general market will not insure such unique facilities (i.e. rented dwellings, rooming houses, boarding houses); however, Underwriting Solutions LP offers access to coverage which best suits clients’ needs.

Underwriting Solutions LP presents competitive terms on all classes of insurance for tenant/rental accommodations, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the pen for this coverage?
Underwriting Solutions LP has the pen and underwriting authority. This helps facilitate same day quoting should adequate information be available.

Can you find coverage for shared accommodations with an absentee landlord?
Yes, Underwriting Solutions LP offers this.

What if the building has 60 amp or aluminum wiring and is considered too old by many?
Underwriting Solutions LP is able to provide coverage for accommodations with 60 amp wiring, aluminum wiring, and for buildings of any age.

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